Klungkung is the smallest regency in the Bali province. This busy market town on the main route to Besakih and Amlapura is steeped in history and has some noteworthy sites. It is bordered by the stony Unda River with its great expanse of weirs protecting the surrounding villages during flood times. In the east side, the landscape is still scarred by the lava streams of the eruption that occurred in 1963.


Kerta Gosa

The Klungkung Palace was built by the Dewa Agung dynasty when the people moved here in 1710. The existingpalace contains a large square with spacious courtyards, lush gardens, pavilions and moats. Stone walls with water lilies in the moat surround the very beautiful Taman Gili complex. The uniqueness of Kerta Gosa can be recognized from ornamented ceiling illustrating popular artwork conveying good against the evil painted with the 2-dimension puppet style.