East Bali has so many wonderfull places to discover like the KlungKung palace, Puri Agung Karangasem, Nyoman Gunarsa Museum and many other must sees. Some of these places will be described in upcoming blogs but for now we’ll take a closer look at the sea separating Lombok from East Bali.

In the ocean live the most fascinating and brightest underwater animals you can imagine. Like the Nudibranche, Clown Trigger Fish, Manta Rays and the gigantic Mola Mola. Only of the Nudibranche alone there are over 3,000 different species. They are small, but relatively easy to find due to their bright appearance.

Another remarkable animal is the Mandarin Fish, also called Mandarin Dragonet: Speaking of a beautiful body painting – who could join a painting competition against the clown trigger fish if not the Mandarin Fish? Unfortunately, you don’t get to see this fish very often. If you are lucky and you find one, it is a very unique experience. The highest chance to meet them underwater is around the island Menjangan, located in the Northwest of Bali. Due to a cellular pigment, the Mandarin fish is one of only two vertebrates with blue coloration. Who wouldn’t like to be that unique?

Also, the beautifull seasight on the eastcoast of Bali has been noticed by the Dutch magazine “ANWB Kampioen” who placed a picture of the bay visible from Samuh Hill Residence on the cover of their September edition. k9-groot
Visible on the other side of the bay is the Amankila Luxory Resort and the hillsides situated at the foot of the Gunung Agung, the 3142m volcano known as the ‘navel of the world’ and ‘Mother Mountain, which has a perfect conical shape you might glimpse on hikes.