Put on sunscreen and put your feet up, because we’re gonna visit some beaches. From white sand tranquility to vibrant spots, from perfect seclusion to boat riding fishermen. We’ve put together a list of the 4 best beaches you can find around Candidasa.

Whatever beach you want to go, the most romantic way to get there is to ask the staff. They will call the neighbouring fisherman, who will be happy to take you there on a Jukung boat. This is also a great way to see the coast! If you can’t wait to jump in the water, it’s possible to do some snorkeling on the boat ride.

Blue Lagoon Beach


1. Blue Lagoon (Bloo Lagoon)


Blue Lagoon is a quiet little cove tucked away just a short walk east of Padang Bai. The sand is a whitish yellow, the water is crystal clear and it’s an excellent place for snorkeling. The coral reef is right up to the shore and is very pretty. Make sure to wear water shoes when swimming, the coral and submerged rocks can be sharp!

The beach is easily accessible. Best way to enter is on the far left side, where there is a coral-less canal that leads to the snorkeling site. There are two restaurants with reasonable food, showers, chairs and snorkeling gear. They also offer massages.

To reach Blue Lagoon Beach, head east on foot over the prominent headland at the eastern end of the main bay. Follow the signs that say Blue Lagoon.



White Sand Beach


2. White Sand Beach


White Sand Beach is a local treasure. It’s also named Pantai Pasir Putih and Virgin Beach. It’s located between Candidasa and Amlapura City. The entrance to the beach is hidden, except for those who get specific information.

White sand leads to the bright blue sea. White umbrellas with the atmosphere of a tropical paradise await the guests. There are no hotels that damage the peaceful atmosphere along the coastline.

Clean blue waters and palm trees provide shade and a lovely atmosphere. The Jukung or traditional fishermen boats show that the beach is still used for fishermen to work. It’s great to see the boats head out or come back, and it gives you a sense of life on the shores of Bali.

Freshly caught fish is prepared at the cosy Warungs (beach diners). Most offer other services, like a nice massage after dinner. Warungs are also available for drinks, or some shade and company.



aerial drone photography bali padang bai village with harbour beach with geko dive speedboats


3. Padang Bai


If you can’t get enough of the boats and fishermen, you should visit Padang Bai. It’s a traditional fishing village that has remained authentic, in contrary to the packed tourist places in the south of the island. At the port you can relax, have a drink and watch the boats go in and out. You will enjoy the beach the fullest if you combine it with a visit to the village itself.

Padang Bai is the closest port if you want to go to Lombok, the Gili’s, Lembongan or Nusa Penida. Padangbai is also known as a great diving spot in Bali. You can read all about that in our article about diving in Bali.



Bias Tugel


4. Pantai Bias Tugel


Sometimes known as Secret Beach, this attractive white sandy beach is no longer unknown, and is quiet easily reached by road from Padang Bai. It’s real secret is that no one seems to know its official name. Pantai Bias Tugel is referred to as Pantai Kecil (Little Beach) or more often, The White Sand Beach — not to be confused with White Sand Beach (Pantai Pasir Putih) that we mentioned earlier.

Pantai Bias Tugel is a lovey secluded beach on which to while away a day. Golden coloured sand is peppered with traces of volcanic black. Grains are large, but it’s still soft underfoot, although not squeaky. Volcanic cliffs fuse into a rocky shoreline wrapping the headlands at each end of the beach. A few rock pools are interesting for kids to poke about in.